ecommerce copywriting guide: How to write copy that sells

Ecommerce Copywriting Guide: How to Write Copy that Sells

What’s the best copywriting guide out there? Look no further; we have compiled the best copywriting guide Ecommerce store owners can find. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the game or an experienced entrepreneur; this guide will help you write better sales material and convert your website visitors into paying customers! Let’s dive in to the best ecommerce copywriting guide: how to write copy that sells.


No one wants to see a beautiful new website with a complete lack of great copy. You might have spent several hundred to thousands of dollars on a professional design and development team.

Still, if your site can’t convert your visitors into customers, all you’ve done is create an expensive brochure. To write copy that sells (and not just online), we need to understand what motivates people—their fears, desires, and ambitions—to click Buy.

This guide will show you how. Let’s get started!

Step 1. How To Become A Great Copywriter

ecommerce copywriting guide: How to write copy that sells

Before we get into ecommerce copywriting guide: how to write copy that sells, let’s first talk about how you can become a great copywriter. After all, if you can’t write copy, it doesn’t matter what tips or tricks you use.

Here are a few pointers: Don’t Use Jargon: One of the main causes of customers leaving your site is that they don’t understand your product description. If you use words like synergy and leverage, your customer won’t be able to relate. Instead, try using simple language and avoid industry jargon at all costs.

It will help keep readers engaged and increase sales!

Step 2. What Makes Customers Buy

make them buy with great copywriting skills

People buy based on their emotions. I picked up this lesson at the beginning of my copywriting career. Most of our prospective customers have no idea what they’re doing or even what they need—they know they have some sort of a problem and want someone to fix it. Your task is to create the impression that you can accomplish that.

Step 3. Identify Your Audience

Know your target and How to write copy that sells

Before you can write copy that sells, you must first identify your audience.

Who are your potential customers?

What are their interests? What are their demographics?

Once you know your audience, it will be much easier to write copy that resonates with them. Step 4: Understand Your Product: If you don’t understand your product, how can you expect others?

Step 4. Writing Sales Pages

the best ecommerce copywriting guide

The Basics of a Good Sales Page There are only two fundamentals you need to follow when creating a good sales page. The initial task involves convincing your customer of your ability to fulfill your commitments. In contrast, the subsequent job motivates them to act by demonstrating the simplicity, logic, and lack of risk involved.

You’ll be able to do both by answering three questions: why your product or service matters, why you’re better than your competitors and what they will get if they buy from you.


Making copywriting look easy is difficult; it takes skill, knowledge and a good dose of talent. (Ask anyone who’s spent time on a design forum discussing graphics.) The same goes for selling products on an ecommerce website; if you’re selling online, your copy needs to be as effective as possible.

To write copy that sells effectively, you must first understand how buyers think; once you know what drives their decisions—and what turns them off—you can write compelling text.

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