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7 Ecommerce Copywriting Services To Help You Make More Sales

Copywriting is more than just informing readers about your offerings; it involves explaining how your product or service can assist them in resolving their issues and fulfilling their requirements. Continue reading if you desire to stay ahead of the game and learn to utilize the top-notch ecommerce copywriting services currently accessible.

No matter what kind of online business you’re running, whether it’s an ecommerce store or something else, effective copywriting will always be key to making more sales and growing your business.


Before commencing your career as an e-commerce copywriter, assess and compare the most suitable among these 7 e-commerce copywriting services.

Start with a free sample. Then, choose one that suits your needs. The best part? All of these companies offer freelancing opportunities that let you work from home on your own schedule!

Add Reviews from Real customers

A freelancer checking customer reviews

Your best ecommerce copywriting services for freelancers may mean nothing if you can’t prove it. The secret is to keep adding testimonials from real customers to your site.

This way, future prospects can see that you’re ready and willing to help with your products and services. Just make sure you don’t embellish these testimonials—or they could end up hurting your business in court!

Offer free Shipping with deals on Bulk purchases

If you’re using Amazon fulfillment, try offering free shipping with an order of 5 or more items. It will make your customers adore you! Plus, they’ll appreciate that their orders aren’t being delayed because you don’t have enough product in stock.

The cost of shipping a single item is negligible when you think about it—but when you multiply that by 5-10 products, suddenly, your costs can add up quickly. This tip is especially useful if your products are heavy or bulky and require special packaging.

For example, if your products are small but weigh a lot (such as glass), then simply offer free shipping on all bulk purchases to make sure your customer doesn’t have to pay extra for oversize packaging.

Bundle Products together

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If you sell multiple products or services, consider bundling them together in a package. For example, if you’re a freelance web designer, maybe offer an online marketing package that packages your copywriting and SEO services with website design.

This can lead to higher sales and more recurring business than just selling individual pieces of your service.

Include upsells in Product descriptions

Including upsells and cross-sells can increase the earnings from your website visitors. In our e-commerce store, we employ the sales technique of upselling to motivate customers to invest more by presenting them with enhanced versions of a product.

Cross-selling involves encouraging customers to purchase additional products related to their original purchase, such as offering them additional items in the same category or adding an extra item for free.

Show a photo of the Product with you holding it

Woman looking at different products

As you can see, I’m a big fan of e-commerce copywriting. I might be able to assist you if you are seeking greater exposure for your product. Please contact me at [email protected] for more information on how I can earn you money as an e-commerce copywriter freelancer.

Stress Customer Service benefits

As an eCommerce copywriter, a crucial aspect of your role is to assist in the promotion and sale of products through online platforms. While there are various ways you can do that, one great way is by writing content that specifically emphasizes customer service benefits for shoppers.

In other words, focus on how helpful customer service representatives are and how they’ll assist customers with any questions or concerns they may have about a product.

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