How To Blow Up On Youtube

10 Ways To Become A YouTube Star – How To Blow Up On Youtube

My intention was to spread my passion for pastry worldwide by creating a YouTube channel. I didn’t know this would eventually make a sensation on the Internet! One day, after posting a video about decorating cupcakes, I noticed my viewership skyrocket.

Millions of people watched as I showcased my skills and let them in on all of my baking secrets. Finally, word got out, and mainstream media took note.

Who knew that showing everyone how to make perfect cupcakes would get me so much attention? Turns out I’m just good at how to blow up on youtube

1. Steps To Create a YouTube channel

  • Setting up a YouTube channel is a simple task that can be accomplished by anyone swiftly.
  • To get started, the first step is to create a Google account if you do not already have one.
  • Once you have your account set up, go to YouTube’s website, click on ‘My Channel’ and then select ‘Create A Brand Account.’
  • From there, select ‘Create A Channel’ and enter the name of your new channel. You will then be asked to customize your channel with relevant imagery and information like a profile photo or a description of yourself.
  • Lastly, upload some content to your channels, such as videos or tutorials, to get off on the right foot!

You can create content for your brand-new YouTube channel with these steps.

2. Develop an engaging content strategy

the best strategy on How To Blow Up On Youtube

The key is to start by creating content that you’re passionate about and that aligns with your goals.

  • From there, focus on how to create catchy titles for your youtube videos.
  • Next, you need to add SEO optimizatedChanell descriptions that captivate viewers and invite them to watch.
  • You must include things like intro graphicsthumbnails, and background music that reflect the tone of your videos.

Note: It is better to display an interesting thumbnail.

YouTube’s top videos almost unanimously feature custom thumbnails. Nearly 90% of the most popular clips have eye-catching thumbnails that promote their content. This emphasizes just how important visuals are to success on the platform!

  • Finally, be sure to add tags corresponding to the topics of your videos. It will help search for related terms. It leads more viewers to your channel.

With these steps in place, you’ll have everything you need to write awesome YouTube content!

3. Video Description Template

Most templates include sections:

  • Background information on the topic
  • Intentions or goals of the video presenter

Utilizing an organized structure template can give you an edge in producing engaging and informative descriptions.

Video templates

Here is it:

  • Introduction- 2-3 lines about the video with focus keywords
  • Detailed: 150-200 words about the video with relevant keyword usage.
  • Social linking: add your social profile links for more engaging views.
  • Try to add your focus keyword about your video in the first 1-2 sentences.
  • Check if it is appearing in search results or not.

4. Unlock the Secrets for Successful Video Titles!

You’re title matters if you’re looking for success on YouTube. Research from HubSpot has revealed that adding brackets to the end of your video titles can bump up clicks by 33%.

To maximize CTRs (click-through rates), start experimenting with putting some fun words or phrases inside parentheses and/or square brackets after each one. Try it out.

5. Increase View With YouTube Suggested Videos

increase your Youtube views

Want to increase your views? Start focusing on Suggested Video!

Over the years, successful YouTube channels have seen more of their video views come from this feature than even search results.

With a few key tactics using similar tags as competitors and optimizing content metadata such as title, description, and tags – you can give yourself an edge with Suggestive Viewing too.

6. Get your YouTube videos more views and better rankings

Use the main Keyword”, with “Variations” and “Category” – tags. It will have viewers clicking on your video while improving its ranking opportunities!

For example: if my target keyword was “playing piano,” I’d use synonyms or even related topics such as SEO to ensure maximum viewership and make sure it came second or first in my list of tags so those searching could easily find me amongst all the other content out there.

Keep up with this formula when uploading films on Youtube for maximum results!

7. Quora, Reddit, or other forums

Have a video that could help answer someone’s questions? Share it on Quora, Reddit, or other forums! I recently applied this and was able to get some high-quality views for my brand-new video. Start engaging with the online community today – you never know who may watch your videos as a result!

8. Get a view From Google Search

get youtube view from google search

Can you believe that 8,396 views per month come from Google? But surprisingly, the videos ranking at the top on YouTube don’t always rank first in Google.

A study found that more than half of all YouTube video rankings within a single search query were different between these two platforms. It’s not just about shooting to #1 on Youtube if you want your content seen.

9. Optimize videos for more likes

If you are looking to improve your YouTube rankings, user engagement is key. According to a study conducted by Backlinko, there were an immense correlation between ranking in search results and how much interaction viewers had with the video – especially through comments, likes, and subscribers!

How can we effectively foster this type of interactivity? Ask people directly: at the end or even throughout your videos, make sure that they know their feedback matters.

10. Boost your YouTube views with an effective end screen!

Head to the YouTube Studio and pick out one of your most popular videos from the last 90 days to get started. Then choose a complementary video that viewers will want to watch after finishing up their current favorite.

For example, if you’ve had success recently with ‘Keyword Research’ content, then feature something related, such as “How to use those keywords in Content Creation.” Take advantage of this easy way to provide more value for your followers and increase engagement rates – optimize away!

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