How To Start A Podcast For Beginners

How To Start A Podcast For Beginners?

What information do you require regarding the commencement of a podcast? What is the time frame for earning money from your podcast?What are the best monetization options for podcasters in 2019?

Where can you find the tools and resources to begin your podcast today? In this article, I aim to provide beginners in podcasts with helpful tips on starting their podcasts.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about starting a podcast and how to make money podcasting in 2022 without getting overwhelmed or sidetracked by intricate details that aren’t important if you’re just getting started.

Starting a Podcast

Getting into podcasting can seem like a lot of work, but it’s easier than you think. Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to start a podcast for beginners.

Finding Topics

How To Start A Podcast For Beginners

You can start by finding topics you’re interested in and then making a list of all potential podcasts that might cover that topic. Performing keyword searches on Google or YouTube will provide you with an estimate of the existing quantity.

If your niche isn’t covered, it might be worth thinking about how your podcast would differ from others already on that topic. Is it a review podcast? An interview-style show? A more informal chat show?

Hoisting Equipment

You need right equipment to Start A Podcast as a Beginners

It is, by far, one of your most significant expenses when starting a podcast. You can go with a free service like Anchor or Jing, but unless you have many listeners to buy in-podcast ads, you probably won’t make much money on it.

It’s best to use an established podcast hosting platform like Libsyn or Blubrry. Both have paid plans, but they also offer free trials that allow you to monetize your podcasts without spending anything upfront.

Recording and Publishing

Recording and publishing is something to know Start A Podcast For Beginners

When ready to start recording, head into your podcast app and select Record. Press Record, and you’ll be off! However, once you hit Stop, it will not save your first episode. It may take a few hours after recording before your first episode appears in your podcast feed—give it time!

Marketing Your Show

The easiest way to earn money from podcasting is through product sales, so setting up an online storefront where you can link to your products is wise.

Although you don’t have customers yet, setting up an e-commerce site now will help down the road. We recommend Shopify because it’s easy to use and helps new businesses quickly get off on their feet.

Podcast Marketing

Podcast Marketing for beginners

Starting your podcast is an investment. It would help if you were willing to put in work first, but you’ll get immediate results once it hits iTunes, Stitcher, and other similar platforms.

When listeners find your podcast, you can monetize it by advertising products or services of interest on your podcast. For example, if your podcast is about the skincare routines of celebrities and beauty gurus, you can ask that they promote their products on air.

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