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The 4 Most Valuable Freelancing Courses You Can Take

If you’re looking to boost your freelance career, then it’s time to start working on those fundamentals! With the abundance of online courses available today, it can be challenging to determine the best starting point to acquire knowledge conveniently and with no constraints of location or time commitments.

So today, we’re going to walk you through the four most valuable freelancing courses you can take to boost your income and go from work-for-hire gigs to owning your own consulting business in no time!

How to Market Yourself as a Freelancer

Most Valuable Freelancing Courses You Can Take

Self-marketing for freelancers is important. If you don’t have any clients, you can’t earn freelancing. Below are some methods to enhance your freelance career.

Earn money freelancing courses—Online courses are one of my favorite tools because they combine affordability with accessibility; all you need is an internet connection and a laptop or computer.

Check out Udemy or other online learning websites like Coursera and Skillshare but note that most online courses require payment to view all lessons. If that’s not something you can afford right now, look for free alternatives like YouTube videos.

Free freelancing courses

Most Valuable Freelancing Courses You Can Take for free

One popular example of a great free resource comes from Hubspot; they offer in-depth guides on everything from Email Marketing 101 to Inbound Content Marketing Basics (and everything in between).

Free freelance writing resources

free resources for the courses

Several freelance writing organizations offer great information on their sites: check out ProBlogger, Copyblogger, and Visible Ink Press (among others), where you can read tips directly from experienced writers.

How to Manage Projects with Clients

learn to manage project with clients

If you plan to take on freelance projects in your free time, then it’s a good idea to know how to manage those projects. In these courses, you can choose clients, set up a team, work with various technologies, and improve client relations.

It may sound like a lot of stuff, but in practice, it takes little more than following step-by-step guides and outlining what you want from each assignment. After all, if you know where you want to go (and why), implementing each course is pretty simple.

How to Negotiate Better

negotiate better

Negotiation courses are an invaluable resource to freelancers. Many freelancers, however, never learn how to negotiate—either because they think they’re not good at it or simply because they don’t know where to find negotiation training.

As a freelancer this specific course can be the most valuable freelancing courses you can take. With these tips, you can quickly boost your ability as a negotiator and see what you’re worth as a professional service provider.

You can also build your negotiation skills by learning how to negotiate better as you go. Once you’ve been offered a job, ask for a higher rate—even if it’s a bit of an awkward request. Employers often understand that freelancers are in demand and might be willing to meet your terms.

How to Stay Motivated

As a freelancer, it’s easy to get down on yourself and let your motivation levels fall. Luckily, we’ve got some great ways to help you overcome these motivational obstacles.

The following tips will inspire you to get out there and work like a pro! Here are four free resources that can boost your freelance career. Go check them out:

  1. Create a Milestone Tracker
  2. Set Reminders
  3. Post an Inspiring Image
  4. Check-in with Colleagues

If you want to do your best as a freelancer, it’s important to stay motivated and follow these steps. If you’re ready to take your freelance career to a whole new level, get inspired by these tips!

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