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Find The Top Freelance Copywriting Sites To Get Paid Writing Articles

You’ve heard about all the freelance copywriting sites that pay, but it can be hard to know which ones deserve your attention and which ones will waste your time, and how much do you get paid for writing an article. Here are some of the top freelance copywriting sites that pay well. Use our hard-sought list of freelance copywriting sites to get paid so you can get started making money today!

The Top 5 Content Writing Sites That Pay Well


Check out these top sites if you’re looking for freelance copywriting jobs that pay well. They’re all great places to earn money writing articles (and they all pay well). Become a regular contributor at one of these sites, and make some extra money on the side of your routine.

I’ve personally written for several of them and found each experience rewarding and profitable. As a bonus, most of them allow you to work as much or as little.

If you have a full-time job but want extra cash, try working with one of these content-writing sites.


Upwork is one of the Top Freelance Copywriting Sites

You can earn money writing online, one job at a time, using Upwork. Each job you complete is called a project and requires you to bid on it with an estimated price.

If you increase your bid, your chances of getting hired for that project will also increase. Depending on your skill level and bidding strategies, you can earn anywhere from $2 – $100 per hour.


Fiverr is another top freelancing job sites

It is one of the most popular freelance writing sites on the web. There are dozens of writers willing to help you with various projects, including research articles, proofreading and editing and writing press releases.

If you’re looking for a diverse set of creative ideas and great rates, then Fiverr may be worth checking out. Unfortunately, they don’t allow their freelancers to discuss rates on their profiles, so all you can do is send them a message.


Freelancer have a lot of Copywriting jobs To Get Paid

Before earning money writing articles:

  1. Find freelance copywriting sites that pay well.
  2. Browse content writing sites that have a good reputation and lots of customers.
  3. Make sure you have many options when bidding on projects—and make sure they pay well.

It can be easy to get started making some extra cash as a writer, but it’s important to take some time and research which site is best for your needs before getting started to avoid any problems or pitfalls.


Text Broker is an other Copywriting Site To Get Paid

Textbroker offers the advantage of allowing writers to create various types of content, not just copywriting.

You’ll receive a Content Idea Sheet every day, and you can choose which topics you want to work on or pass on for whatever reason. If you don’t like working with a specific client, you can pass on that opportunity.


It is the best freelance copywriting sites. This online marketplace connects businesses with freelance writers who bid on content-creation projects. At one point in its history, WriterAccess allowed companies to post unlimited project requests (and potential clients would express interest in these projects).

Still, it now limits projects to 20 per month for every company and 40 new project requests per month for each writer. If you’re interested in pursuing freelance writing work, WriterAccess is one of your best bets—if you can get a gig here.

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